Newly appointed national youth team coaches are working without formal contracts. – Reports

The newly appointed coaches for Ghana’s new youth national teams are working without formal contracts.

As part of the Ghana Football Association‘s (GFA) strategy to develop a strong team, five new youth teams have been established.

Despite public announcements about these appointments nearly a month ago, the GFA has yet to officially notify these coaches of their roles, leaving them in limbo, according to an investigation by Graphic Sports.

The report reveals that none of the newly appointed coaches have received formal engagement or details about their conditions of service.

Some coaches learned about their appointments through social media or news outlets.

One coach, who spoke anonymously to Graphic Sports, said he had not received any formal communication regarding his appointment, a sentiment echoed by his colleagues.

“I only heard about it on the radio,” he said.

The anonymous coach criticized the GFA for treating local coaches poorly compared to those assigned to the Black Stars, who receive premium treatment.

He also highlighted the confusion and concern among the coaches about their employment terms, including their salaries and job security.

“We cannot tell whether we will be paid at the end of each month or how much we would be entitled to, or whether we will be working for free,” he lamented.

The lack of contracts has also raised fears about job security, with coaches worried they could be dismissed as abruptly as they were appointed, without any compensation.

“We’ve not even received any appointment letters. It is just social media we heard it, so tomorrow they can decide to sack you through the same means, and there is nothing you can say because you have no contract to prove that you are an employee of the FA,” the source noted.

The FA announced Yaw Preko as the U-15 coach, Kasim Mingle as the U-16 coach, Nurudeen Amadu as the U-18 coach, Karim Zito as the U-19 coach, and Godwin Attram as the U-21 coach

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