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My most complete performance, says Nico Williams after Spain’s victory against Italy

Spain secured a 1-0 victory over Italy in the European Championship, thanks to a dominant performance and a standout display from man of the match Nico Williams. The 21-year-old winger, who plays for Athletic Bilbao, was a constant threat on the left wing and played a key role in the winning goal. Williams, who was born in Spain to Ghanaian parents, was a key part of...

Philosophy of the successful Chelsea- Jesse Ankrah Writes

From the rising sun pub on March 10, 1905 to the streets of Fulham, the Blues shirts adopted by Gus Mears, after the racing colour of Lord Chelsea, the metropolitan borough of Chelsea, made a remarkable appearance in English football history. From philosophies to philosophies, mind bugling ideologies to conflicting percepts , and successes and downfalls, the blues confined in their quest to get their...

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