Stonebwoy defends Mohammed Kudus, calls for kindness and patience on social media

Stonebwoy, a renowned Ghanaian Afro-dancehall, and reggae artist, has made a heartfelt plea to his fellow Ghanaians to cease the online abuse directed at midfielder Mohammed Kudus.

In an interview with Peace FM, Stonebwoy expressed his sadness over the harsh criticism Kudus has been receiving on social media platforms like X formerly Twitter.

Stonebwoy emphasized the difference between musicians and footballers in terms of public exposure and scrutiny. He noted that as a musician, he is accustomed to facing public criticism daily, but for Kudus, who performs on the pitch and then retreats to his private life, the online abuse might be overwhelming.

“What goes on Twitter or X it makes me sad our brother (Kudus) is a footballer it is not like us the musicians who are in front of people everyday and take insults left and right. He doesn’t know he does his job on the pitch and gets paid and goes home,” he said.

“He is new to this type of environment in terms of relating to the masses but the major problem we face now is the increase in agendas on social media. Someone can come and say something which it will pain you very well if you look at yourself and the person’s profile picture only 60 followers follows you.

Kudus who is working by the grace of God looks at his left and looks at your right he can look after your family it is not fine. I will plead we should construct our criticism but the online is bad have patience with him,”

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