I nearly pulled a gun after DNA test proved I wasn’t the father of the three kids I raised – Odartey Lamptey

Former Ghana international Nii Odartey Lamptey has disclosed that he contemplated using his gun after discovering that the three children he had raised with his ex-wife were not biologically his.

The former Anderlecht and Aston Villa forward recounted how he had his gun in his car at the time but ultimately decided against any drastic actions after reflecting on the potential consequences for his future.

Lamptey and his ex-wife Gloria Appiah separated in 2013 after DNA tests confirmed that he was not the biological father of their three children.

This revelation led to the collapse of their 20-year marriage and sparked a prolonged legal battle over compensation for Appiah.

Appiah attempted to claim ownership of Lamptey’s seven-bedroom house in East Legon as part of her alimony, but the Appeal Court rejected her claim.

In 2017, the Accra High Court ordered Appiah to vacate the property and awarded her Lamptey’s four-bedroom house in Dome, along with a car and 200,000 Ghanaian cedis.

Reflecting on his initial reaction to the DNA results, Lamptey shared that he nearly made a decision that could have had severe legal repercussions.

“Yes, I considered using the gun, but God spoke to me, and I have not touched it since. It was in my Tundra, but I chose not to do anything,” he told Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV.

“I was devastated, but I remained patient, and that has brought me to where I am today. I believe it was divine intervention that stopped me from using the gun. It used to be in my Tundra, but I decided never to touch it again.

“I had to control my anger, or I could have ended up in prison. And I wouldn’t have my three children now. Sometimes, when you’re angry, you have to think twice before acting.”

Today, Odartey Lamptey is happily married to actress Ruweida Yakubu, and the couple has been blessed with three beautiful children.

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