Giving Ghana Premier League players an opportunity in Black Stars will draw fans to stadiums, according to Korley Laryea.

Korley Laryea, a former Great Olympics player, believes that providing Ghana Premier League players the chance to play for the Black Stars will draw more supporters to the stadiums.

The local league has failed to attract supporters over the previous three seasons, which many have blamed to a decline in league quality, but Laryea disagrees.

Despite the fact that this has been going on for three seasons, there is still no end in sight, with Laryea dishing out Black Stars call-ups to local players as a solution.

“It’s not down, but my advice is they have to use the local players to join the national team,” he said

“Names also add in football. When Hearts are playing Kotoko and have about two players in the national team, it will bring the crowd to come and watch the match.”

“If Kotoko has about two or three players in the national team, Bofoakwa as well, they call supporters from home to come and watch the matches. Our local players are also good.

“My advice is they should use the local players in the national team to bring supporters to whip up interest for supporters to come and watch their games.”

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