I am still the director of communications at GFA – Henry Asante Twum

Henry Asante Twum, the Director of Communications at the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has recently addressed speculation regarding his position within the association.

Following the announcement of new appointments in the Communications Department, rumors circulated suggesting Twum had been replaced. However, he has asserted that he remains in his role as director, with the new appointees serving to strengthen the department.

Patrick Akoto and Tophic Kadir have been welcomed as senior managers, while Neil Armstrong has joined as the Head of PR and Strategy. Twum explained that these additions were a result of a management review aimed at improving engagement and streamlining operations within the department.

“I am still the director of communications however there have been additions in any job its gets to a point management does a review and the executive council did a review in their last four years of their work they decided that they will bring on board more people so that our engagement with people will go on smoothly,” he told Peace FM.

“So in their minds, they think that there was the need to revamp the department so they brought in three people. I am sure all this is because of titles that was announced during their official unveiling or announcement that they are senior communication managers.

“In the organogram of the FA managers work under directors so they are all staff within the department and not necessarily above whoever is in charge,”

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