Accra 2023: We’ll settle allowances owed volunteers – Sports Ministry

The director in charge of the volunteers for the 13th African Games, Juliana Addo-Yobo, says the Ministry of Sports is working on settling all volunteers for the games.

The volunteers on Tuesday were agitated over what they say is the failure of authorities to release the GH¢2,500 promised them ahead of the competition.

The volunteers allege that they were promised GH¢500 each for transportation and GH¢2,000 cedis as an appreciation allowance.

Responding to these grievances, Juliana Addo-Yobo emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to resolving the matter promptly. She reiterated the importance of volunteerism and the initial understanding that it is typically unpaid work.

“We oriented the volunteers on the things to expect as a volunteer, what was required of them, their dedication, commitment, and so forth. We taught them the concept of volunteerism. I always had a slogan that I used to say that volunteerism is free. But then, at the end of the day, having transported themselves from their various places, we will try and see if something small could be given to them, at least to assist them in their transportation.

“Now we tried to hold on to them to see if we could harness or gather enough money to at least give them the TNT so that they could go. But we couldn’t get it on the 23rd when it closed.”

Despite reassurances from officials, some volunteers remain disheartened. Damba Abdulai Seidu, a volunteer, narrated the frustration shared by many with Citi News, highlighting the invaluable services rendered by volunteers and the financial strain they now face.

“The services that we rendered are something that you can’t even place monetary value on. I must admit, the majority of us have already lost hope. You know, it is not everybody who has had to contain this rioting and things like that because the whole place looks scary.

“So majority of our colleagues reached out to their friends and family members to seek assistance to go back to their various villages. Some of us will continue to be here for as long as we want to be here and then any hope that comes anywhere, we move out.”

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