13TH AFRICAN GAMES: Disappointed Para sports hasn’t been included in competition- Botsyo Nkegbe

Decorated Ghanaian para-athlete, Raphael Botsyo Nkegbe, has expressed deep disappointment over the absence of para sports competitions in the 13TH African Games.

He said this in an interview during the Victory in Unity event held today at the University of Ghana Stadium that aims to “showcase an unwavering commitment to driving inclusivity and the transformative power of sports as a catalyst for social good.”

The event was headlined multiple Olympian Botsyo Nkegbe, two time Olympic 400 Metre Hurdles Gold Medali winner, Dr. Edwin Moses and founder of Sports Equity Lab (the organization behind Victory in Unity) Professor Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu.

Speaking in the lead up to the opening ceremony of the African Games on Friday, March 8 at the aforementioned venue, Nkegbe said,

“I feel so sad that friends, loved ones, my kids, my nephews, people won’t be able to cheer Botsyo, cheer Patrick Obeng and co on home soil. We feel like this was the time some of us can say that we have really represented the nation so I feel so sad”.

Professor Dr. Tuakli-Worsornu, (back row left) with Edwin Moses (back row right) and Botsyo Nkegbe

“I can only wish all the Ghanaian athletes the best of luck but to be honest with you, I feel so sad that para-athletics is not part.”

University of Ghana Stadium Photo Courtesy: @ImaneOuaadil on X

The African Games will end on March 23 with the Borteyman Sports Complex pinned as one of two main host venues for the Games.

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