‘It was a very strange experience’ – OnlyFans model claims she attended sex parties thrown by ex-Man City star Benjamin Mendy and says defender still invites her to France after joining Lorient

An OnlyFans model has claimed she attended sex parties with ex-Manchester City man Benjamin Mendy and alleges he still invites her to France.

OnlyFans model Ali-Rose has given a graphic account of her alleged experience with Mendy, who now plays for Lorient. The 23-year-old claimed she met the left-back at an Eid party hosted by former Man City star Riyad Mahrez. She described the alleged encounter as a “very strange experience” and claims that he still messages her to this day.


She said on the Reality Check podcast: “I have no idea whose house I’m rocking up to, I got inside, his whole family is in there, Mendy is in there and they’re all drunk. I was literally not dressed for a family gathering. Eventually Mendy takes me away and starts speaking to me and I am like, ‘Hi nice to finally f***ing speak to you’. He’s like, ‘I’m really sorry this is the situation’ and I’m like ,’Did you not know you were going to be at this party before you invited me down on this date’. Like, I was enjoying myself, don’t get me wrong. I was drunk, I was very much party to it but it was a very strange experience.”

Benjamin Mendy Lorient

She added: “He still messages me now to this day, saying, ‘Come to France, come to Paris’. There is nothing in it for me, even if there was financial gain, I don’t want it and don’t need it.”

Benjamin Mendy

Mendy was cleared of one count of rape and one count of attempted rape in July 2023, six months on from being found not guilty for six counts of rape against him. The 29-year-old was released by City last summer having not played in nearly two years due to his arrest, before signing with Ligue 1 club Lorient on a two-year deal shortly after.

As the former France international – who did admit in court he had a “disrespectful” attitude to women and that it was “easy” to have sex with multiple women due to his footballer status – tries to rebuild his football career, this latest news puts his name back in the spotlight for matters off the pitch.

Off the pitch, Mendy, who has made eight appearances for Lorient this season, has reportedly launched a multi-million pound claim against City over unpaid wages. On the field, the defender could feature for his side against Le Havre on Sunday.

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